Creating Follow-Up Schedules

Users with advanced admin privileges (available in our Enterprise package) can create or modify Follow-Up schedules using the Follow Up Schedule option within the Admin folder.


Important Notes:

  • Before creating a follow-up schedule in your Live environment, we recommend that you study how they are configured for your other programs and setup some test examples your Sandbox environment to confirm the new schedules generates as expected.
  • Follow-up schedules are created as inactive. Once you activate a follow-up schedule, you can’t change any scheduling details.
  • If you inactivate a follow-up schedule, all Scheduled follow-ups (not Attempted, Completed or Discarded) are deleted.
  • Inactivating a schedule (for example, to make edits to the schedule) deletes any incomplete (Scheduled, Attempted) Follow-Ups.
  • After inactivating, you can make changes to the schedule. However, if you’re making significant changes (i.e. adding or removing a detail row), we recommend creating a new schedule to prevent unexpected results.

You can create the following types of Follow-Ups:

  • Case/Volunteer Record - these follow-up schedules are created on the Program screen in the Follow-Up Schedules tab. (more here)
  • Profile Field follow-up - these follow-up schedules are created on the Edit Profile Field window (only for fields with a type of Date).
  • Process Step follow-up - these follow-up schedules are created on the Registration Process screen in the Process Steps tab.