Editing your Profile Field Lookup

In order to edit the values that display in a profile field’s Lookup, you must have Advanced Administration privileges assigned to your user profile.

:warning:This option is only available in our Enterprise package and requires advanced training.

Basic & Premium subscriptions include up to two sets of revisions to your database (profile fields, labels, forms) each subscription year. Enterprise subscriptions include quarterly revisions by our team. Revisions can be requested via a help desk ticket.

  1. Navigate to the desired record type (client, volunteer, guardian) and click the Edit Form button in the upper right corner.
    This will allow you to edit the customizable fields in your database and their values without affecting a live record.
    :warning:It is important to keep in mind that fields can be shared across record types. Any fields that are named the same are shared and updates to a field name and/or its response values on one record type will update the field globally, affecting all record types that contain the field.

  2. Right-click or press while clicking on a field or Lookup arrow to activate the admin menu.

  3. Select Manage Values.

  4. From the Manage Values screen, you can add new values or editor delete existing values.
    :warning:Caution: Always consider whether the field you are editing is mapped to an online form. Discrepancies between the form and the values in the database can result in errors or responses that do not update the client/volunteer/guardian record.

Manage Values Options

Replace – Use this option to modify or clean up existing values. This option is especially helpful if you have duplicates, need to consolidate responses, or simply want to change the wording or spelling of a response.

Delete – Use this option with extreme caution! This cannot be undone. Before deleting a response value, perform a search of all record types that includes Archived records to ensure you are not deleting data unintentionally. Any request for IMS to attempt to restore deleted values from the last available backup will incur cost.

Add – Use this option to add new responses to the Lookup. You can add a list all at once (by placing each value on its own line) or one at a time.

Editing Existing Values

  1. From the Manage Values screen, highlight the value(s) you want to edit or delete.

  2. Then click the Replace footer button.

  3. Enter the value that should replace the selection(s).

  4. Click Replace to save.