Improving your email deliverability with Sender Authentication (Enhanced DKIM DNS records)

Improving your email deliverability requires custom DNS records to be configured for your email domain. You will need help from your IT provider to configure these records.

After you pay our fee of $600 for this service, we will provide the DNS records that need to be created. We will send you an email with the instructions that your IT help needs to follow.
Once the DNS records are created by your IT help, let us know & we will validate that it is set up correctly.

For best results, you should also configure your SPF.

What is a DNS record?
DNS records are required to set up your website & email. If you have an email address at your own domain then you have DNS records. Typically your DNS records are hosted by the company you purchase your domain from (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.).

Why do you need your DNS records configured?
In order for IMS to send email on your behalf, the configuration is needed for other mail servers to trust the emails coming from your database. The DNS records tell the world that they can trust these emails (& that they aren’t SPAM).