Adding Multiple Contacts, Mentors, or Organizations to Constant Contact at One Time

You can add multiple people or organization through the search section.

1.Go to the appropriate Search screen. For example, if you would like to add Mentors to Constant Contact, go to the Mentor Search screen. If you would like to add Organizations, go to the Contact—Organization Search.

2.Fill in the search criteria to find the appropriate list. For example, if you only want Mentors with the current status of waiting or matched.

Note: You can also search for people based on the date of their status. For example, mentors who began waiting in the last month.

3.Click Run Search.

4.In the search results, only the contacts with valid email addresses can be added to your Constant Contact list(s). Click on the Un/Check button at the bottom of the search results, and select, w/o email addresses to remove the contacts without email addresses.

5.Next, click on the Action button at the bottom of the screen, and then select Add to Constant Contact List(s)

6.Select the list or lists that you would like to add this contact to. Note: General Interest is the default list created by Constant Contact.

7.If the list has not been created yet in Constant Contact, you can create it here by clicking on the Add New button. Type in the name of the list and then click Save. You can click on the Add New button again to add additional lists.

8.Click Save. You will then receive a prompt that the contacts were successfully submitted to Constant Contact. Click OK.

9.You can now go to the Constant Contact screen in your database and see the newly added contacts. If you don’t see them when you first go to the Constant Contact screen, click on the Refresh button located on the bottom of the screen.

Note: You can also go to your Constant Contact account and access these newly added contacts.