Billing Policies

Since all of our clients are non-profits, we understand budget constraints & price sensitivity. We care about the important work you are doing! With over 20 years of experience working with mentoring organizations, we know that the best way to serve you well is by providing a quality product & great customer service at a reasonable price.

It is our desire to be transparent with our pricing by listing it on our website here: Mentoring Software Pricing | Innovative Mentoring Software.

After purchase, your project will be billed with the first year total due to start. Only optional items listed in your price quote will be included in the purchase price. Optional items and services may be purchased separately at any time. The subscription renews annually and begins 30 days after receiving the training database. Pricing for IMS fees is guaranteed for your first two years. We periodically update our pricing to reflect updates to the software and increased production costs.

Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time. When you add a new user license, it is prorated to renew at the same time as the rest of your subscription. Please note that any new licenses purchased after you go Live will be subject to the market rate listed on our website. Reducing license count will update all licenses to current market rates. 3rd party fees are subject to change at any time.

We have special pricing consideration for Premium accounts that don’t meet our 3 user license minimum, and it is as follows:
1 User license is $65/user/month*, billed annually ($780/yr.)
2 User licenses are each $48.50/user/month*, billed annually ($1164/yr.)
3+ User licenses are each $42/user/month*, billed annually ($1512/yr.)
*Plus $350/yr. for survey system integration and a one-time $1000 setup fee

Please understand that in order to be fair to all of our clients, we cannot provide special exceptions or discounts to these prices. Annual licenses purchased cannot be refunded. Your annual renewal provides you an opportunity to decide how many licenses you would like to renew. We can prorate when you purchase new licenses, but there are no prorated refunds.