Can I take a survey on behalf of a participant (mentee, mentor, guardian, client, volunteer, contact)?

Yes. Remember, you still need to create a survey invite even if you will be taking the survey on behalf of the participant (mentee, mentor, guardian, client, volunteer, contact).

Once a survey invite has been created, you will find all of the information about that invite in the Invites/Responses tab on the Survey screen or the Survey tab on the Mentor, Mentee, Client, Volunteer, or Contact–Individual screen.

If the survey has not yet been completed, you will see a link that says, Take Survey. If you click on that link, you can take the survey on behalf of the mentor or mentee.

Alternatively, you can download a list of the invitation links that you can use to complete the survey on behalf of (or working with) your participants.

First, run a search to identify the list of survey responses that are incomplete (filtering as needed by invite date, case manager, program, etc. to get the results of interest).

Then from the Survey Results tab, click on the Export button. You now have a portable list of your survey invites:

Clicking the invite URL will allow you to launch the survey and complete on behalf of or together with your participant.