Enabling Constant Contact integration

Unfortunately Constant Contact made recent changes that break the ability to link your Constant Contact account to our software with normal browser settings. In order for it to work, please follow these steps in Google Chrome.

  1. Click the “Constant Contact” item in the navigation menu as shown here:

  2. Once you have enabled your free trial or if your database has already been configured to use the Constant Contact integration, the Constant Contact login window will appear but be blank like so:

  3. You should also see a small shield icon in the right side of the address bar in Google Chrome:

  4. Click the shield icon and click the “Load unsafe scripts”. This will not load anything unsafe, but simply allow Constant Contacts’ new login redirects to work properly. After you select this the database will automatically refresh.

  5. Click the “Constant Contact” item in the navigation menu again and this time the login window will show correctly. However, you will also see a red slash through the first portion of the text in the address bar like so (this is expected):

  6. Once you have logged into Constant Contact and allowed the database to access your information, everything will work as normal after you refresh the database.