How can I set up a follow up reminder for a match that isn’t automatically created by the database?

From the Dashboard, under the Follow Up tab, click the Add New button at the bottom of the page to create a follow up.

You can also add a follow-up from the Individual screens from the Follow Up tab.

You can create a follow-up for any of the following individuals:

You can also “Assign To” follow-ups to other staff members at your organization. The follow-up will remain on BOTH of your dashboards until the task is complete.

You can complete the follow-up by double clicking on the reminder from the dashboard:

Add New to enter the communication you had with the individual.

Add the specific communication and Save:

From here you can Complete the follow-up or mark it as Attempted.


If you have marked it as attempted, it will show up on the dashboard, along with the number of times you have attempted to contact the individual:

To complete the follow-up double click on the follow-up again and Add New. Fill in a description of the communication you had with the individual. Save.

This time you will mark the follow-up as Complete Follow-Up:

The follow-up will now be removed from the Dashboard and the Follow-up Tab. The communication will be saved to the Communication and Notes on the individuals screen: