How can I tell if a survey has been completed?

Once a survey invite has been created, you can see all of the information about that invite in the Invites/Responses tab on the Survey screen or the Survey tab on the Mentor, Mentee, or Contact–Individual screen.

You can see the contact name, the Volunteer Record or Case Record to which the survey applies, the invite date, the response group, the survey expiration date, whether an email was sent, the date the survey was completed and the survey response.

If the survey has not yet been completed, you will see a link that says, Take Survey. If you click on that link, you can take the survey on behalf of the mentor or mentee.

Mentors, mentees, guardians, or contacts can click on the link in the email invite they receive. This link will take them to the survey. Once they complete the survey online, the results will show in the database. Sometimes, it can take SurveyGizmo some time to send the results to the database. When this happens, you will see a Survey Taken link until the responses are loaded. Once the responses are loaded, you can click on the View Response link.

Take survey

Survey taken, responses not registered

Survey taken, responses registered

To see a list of all survey recipients who have taken (or not taken) the survey, you can run a search:

  1. Navigate to the Search folder for the database role that received the survey (mentor, mentee, client, volunteer, guardian, contact).
  2. Select the Surveys tab.
  3. Complete your search criteria by selecting the name of your survey, whether the survey has been taken, and any other details that will be important to get only the survey invitations of interest (such as invite date if you have sent the survey on multiple occasions).


  1. Click the Run Search button.

This will give you a list of all of the individuals who have either taken or not take the survey.

Need to Send a Reminder Email?
You can use the results list (in this case the Mentee Results tab) to send a reminder email to any individuals who have not taken the survey. (Mentee Results > Communication footer button > Email > Compose and send your reminder email.)

Need to Export Your Survey Responses?
If you need a list of all of your survey responses, simply select the Survey Results tab from your results (after completing step 5) and click the Export button.