How do I add a Primary Guardian for my mentee?

1.In your left-hand side navigation, click on Mentee.

2.Begin to type in the mentee’s first name, last name, or database ID number to pull up the record in the drop down list. Or, start by clicking on the drop down arrow to choose from your entire mentee list. Click on the correct mentee’s name.

3.Locate the Primary Guardian box on the right side of the top half of the mentee record screen.

4.Click on the little blue person icon at the end of the Guardian field.

5.Either choose a guardian from the drop down list (could already in the system for a sibling) or click the New Guardian button, complete the First and Last Name fields, and click Save, then Select.

6.Choose a Guardian Type

7.Indicate whether you would like to Synchronize the mentee and guardian addresses.

Please note that Guardians have their own records in the database where additional information about the guardian (including contact information) can be added. You can go to the Guardian screen by either clicking the little person icon or from the navigation bar on the left.

For additional information, please see our training video: Adding a Guardian