How do I change my mentor/mentee's program from Onboarding to their actual program?

If your online form is set up to default applicants into an Onboarding program, you will be able to later change the program from the Case Record tab (client/mentee) or Volunteer Record tab (volunteer/mentor).

First go to the record in question and navigate to the Case Record tab (client/mentee) or Volunteer Record tab (volunteer/mentor).

Click on the Program Lookup and select the desired program. Note: If the registration process steps differ between the Onboarding program and the program you selected, you may lose some of the process step dates. If you are unsure, record any process step dates before proceeding so they may be re-entered if needed.


Innovative Mentoring can add logic to your online application form based on the applicant’s response to a specific question in the application to streamline the program selection process when organizations are tracking multiple programs and initiatives in their database. If you would like to explore this further with our support team, please open a help ticket.