How do I create a mentee survey to be emailed to a guardian?

If the mentee record contains the email address of the guardian, you can send the survey to the guardian.

1.Go to the Mentee screen.

2.Verify that the guardian’s email address is filled into the Contact Information box in the right-hand column.

3.Click on the Survey tab on the bottom portion of the screen.

4.Fill out the Survey invite with the appropriate information. If needed, modify the default email subject and text to address it to the guardian.

For example, instead of saying, “Dear [[Contact Name]],” you can say, “Dear parent of [[Contact Name]].”

5.Click Send & Save Email.

Note: If all of your mentees have the guardian email address listed as the first email in the Contact Information box on their record, you can send out mass invites to guardians of mentees.