How do I give an individual credit for a donation my program has received (soft credit)?

Entering Soft Credits to a Donation

Soft Credits are used when you want to give someone credit for a donation that your program has received.

Example: a board member convinced a company (or a person) to make a donation to your program and you would like to make note of that in your database.

1.Find to the Fundraising Module on your navigation bar.

2.In the Records folder select Donor—Individual or Donor Organization

3.Type the name of the donor/organization or select the donor from the drop down arrow.

4.From the Donations tab, at the bottom of the screen, click Add New to add a donation.

5.Fill in the Date the donation was received, the Amount of the donation, Donation Type, select a Fund, Payment Type (in Payment Details you can write a check #). Click Save.

6.You are now able to enter a soft credit for the donor by clicking the Add New button.

7.Select the Donor you want to give the soft credit to, the Amount of credit you want to give to that person, the Type of contact and click Save.

  1. Click Save and Close.

  1. You can now go to the soft credit recipient’s donor screen and see the soft credit has been logged under the Donations tab.