How do I modify a Quick Search or Saved Search?

You can modify an existing Saved Search or Quick Search with a few quick steps, including changing a Saved Search to a Quick Search (or vice versa), adjusting the name of your search and modifying the search criteria.

As an example, we’ll show you how to update a Quick Search for your mentee contacts. However, keep in mind the same general steps apply to any contact type in your database.

  1. Navigate to the Search folder in question (remember the database role tied to your search will determine which folder you need to use).
  2. Select the Saved Search from your Lookup.
  3. Notice your search selections populate the screen. Make any desired adjustments to your search criteria.
  4. Click the Run Search button. and confirm your results meet your expections.
  5. Now click the Save Search button.
  6. The Save Search screen will appear where you can modify the Name of the Saved Search or Quick Search and/or adjust the type of search and its Sharing settings.
  7. Click Save to update your Quick Search or Saved Search.

For additional information, please see our training video: Saving and Deleting Searches