I already have a primary contact assigned to an organization. How do I assign additional contacts?

Assigning Multiple Contacts to an Organization (Relationships Tab)

To assign more than one contact for a particular organization, you can utilize the Relationships tab on the bottom portion of the screen. There you can also make any type of additional connections with other people or organizations in your database.

1.Click on the Relationships tab on the bottom portion of the screen.

2.Click on the Add New button at the bottom of the screen.

3.Select the appropriate relationship type from the drop down list.

4.The person is considered an Organization Contact if you would contact that person in order to maintain communication with or solicit resources from the organization. The person is considered a Connection if he or she is linked to the organization in any other way.

5.Select the appropriate Contact or Connection by typing in the name or selecting it from the drop down list.

6.Optional: Enter in the Organization Position (Or, if it is a connection, a Connection Type). Please note that you can add additional options to the drop down list at any time by clicking the green circle button.

7.Optional: Decide the Strength of the connection—Strong, Normal, Weak.

8.Optional: Enter in any relevant notes.

9.Click Save.

10.The new relationship has now been added; it is also added in the relationship tab for the other party as well. The name of the other party is a link to the record for that party.