I need to backdate a match, but my Match Start Date is not available on the calendar. What should I do?

Backdating a Match

If you go to make a match between a mentor and a mentee and you realize that the correct Match Start Date is not available on the calendar, it means that either your mentee or mentor does not have an accurate Waiting date. The earliest Match Start Date available is based on the date that both the mentor and mentee had the status of Waiting.

You will need to modify the Waiting date for either the mentor or the mentee. The Waiting date for both must be BEFORE the Match Start Date.

  1. Go to either the Case Records or Volunteer Records tab on the bottom of the Mentee or Mentor screen.

  2. Click on the grid icon at the end of the Mentoring Status field. (If you scroll over the grid icon, it says, Status History.)

3.Click on the Date that you would like to modify, and then click Close.

For additional information, please see our training video: Getting a Mentor or Mentee to a Waiting Status