Integrated Sterling Volunteers Background Checks

Innovative Mentoring Software now offers an optional background check feature within the mentor record:

with the ability to launch and view the results via the mentor record:

Plus, it’s integrated with your volunteer sign-up process and automatically updates your background check process step once the volunteer is deemed eligible:

How does it work?
Once the integration is enabled, you will have a new Background Checks tab as part of your mentor record. Innovative Mentoring works with you to configure the background check feature so that it fits your workflow. Your organization decides the following:

  • auto or manual submission of background checks (based on the completion of a “trigger” in the registration process)
  • which registration process step is updated when the background check is completed
  • the handling of ineligible results
  • auto submission of background checks when they expire (optional)

Additionally, users have the ability to run searches (or set up Quick Searches) to identify participants whose background checks have expired or will expire (using a user-specified date range) or those with a pending, ineligible or eligible result and more:

How do I get started?
Let us know you are interested in the integration by opening a support ticket. From the Innovative Mentoring side, we’ll review your current package and work with you to confirm pricing. Then, Innovative Mentoring and Sterling Volunteers will work with you to kick things off.

How quickly can I start using the integration? Once we have what we what we need from you, we can enable the integration in 3-5 business days!

Have other questions? We’d be happy to answer them. Open a support ticket with your questions, or contact us at [email protected].