KIDCOPE Auto Survey Invites

The KIDCOPE Survey is required to be used by United Way of Palm Beach County agencies.

The survey needs to be completed when a mentee is first matched (baseline) and 6 months into the match, whether they are part of One to One Mentoring or Group Mentoring.

The surveys are automatically created for your mentee when certain Registration Process Steps have been completed.

  1. When your mentee is matched, enter the date of the match in the Registration Process Step “Matched Date”:

or “Matched - Group Mentoring”:

  1. The database will use that date to create a unique link for the Baseline KIDCOPE survey. When you complete the survey with the mentee, the database will enter in the completed date:

  2. The database will then schedule the 6 month survey to be created and when that is completed, it will update the final registration process step:

To fill out the Surveys, go to the Surveys tab on the bottom portion of the Mentee screen. Find the survey that needs to be taken that was automatically generated. (If you do not see it, please note that the automated survey process runs every 15 minutes.)

Click on the link to “Take Survey”. Fill out the survey & submit the answers. The answers will be stored on the record of your mentee and also available for reporting.

To see if you have any missing surveys, check out the Quick Searches at the top of the navigation menu on the left.