My Mentor is having issues with the Mentor Portal

Troubleshooting the Mentor Portal can be difficult, because most of the time, it has to do with your Mentor’s device or user error. We cannot provide free support to directly assist your mentors. If your mentor is having a problem with the Mentor Portal we recommend viewing the following video

Please note that the only current integrations are with Google & Yahoo

Suggestions for helping your mentor troubleshoot the Mentor Portal:

Check to see how your Mentor originally signed into the Mentor Portal. You can see that here on your Mentor screen:

If anything other than Yahoo or Google is listed, you may want to consider Disconnecting the Mentor and sending them a new invite to signup with Google or Yahoo:

If they are signed in with Google or Yahoo, make sure they are not singed into their Google or Yahoo account under another household member or user.

If you see nothing listed here, this means the mentor has yet to successfully log into the portal. You can resend the invite, and have them copy and paste the unique URL into a new web browser and see if that helps.