Providing Resource links via the Mentor Portal

You can provide resource links to your mentors via the Mentor Portal by including the hyperlink in an email that you send to mentors and/or including the hyperlink in a communication & note that is flagged to display in the Mentor Portal.

To provide resource link(s) to a group of mentors, run a Mentor Search and under the Mentor Results select Communication then Email or Other:

For individual mentors, on the Mentor screen, under the Communication and Notes tab, select Communication, then Email or Other.

With both options, you can add text and use the hyperlink button to link the text to an online resource:

:warning:When creating a note that you want to be visible from the Mentor Portal, make sure you check the small box in the bottom left: “Display in the Mentor Portal”.


Once you Send the email or Save the note, your Mentor(s) will see the hyperlink to the document from the Mentor Portal.