Setting up my text messaging

The text messaging feature can be added to your database at anytime, please contact support to receive your quote.

To support text messaging from your database, we have integrated with Plivo. You must have a Plivo account before we can set up text messaging for your database. In order to complete the integration setup, you’ll need to provide us temporary access to your Plivo account to configure it properly. See the latest Plivo pricing here:!sms.

Within your Plivo account, you can purchase one or more phone numbers for texting at a cost of $0.80 per month for each phone number. You can have one texting phone number for your entire organization, separate phone numbers for certain users or both.

If you assign a texting phone number to the overall organization, you must also have an email address for your organization that differs from all email addresses assigned to the users in your database.

If you choose to have separate texting phone numbers for your organization and for certain users, those users will be able to select which number to send from as shown here: