Tracking the Statement of Suitability for Mentors

Agencies participating in the OJJDP Mentoring 2 Thrive grant are required to document the "determination of suitability to interact with participating minors” for newly enrolling mentors, as well as covered individuals who were already interacting with minors in activities under a prior-fiscal-year grant award (or subaward).

New Mentors
M2T grant recipients must document the Statement of Suitability as a newly required registration step before the mentor can be approved to participate in the program.

Mentors Already Matched Without The Statement of Suitability
For mentors who have been matched under M2T without completing the statement of suitability, you will need to complete the new required background check steps. Once that is done, you will need to complete the statement of suitability and document the Required Statement of Suitability registration step within their active record(s). You can find missing Statement of Suitability dates using a Mentor Search.

  1. Enter the following criteria in the Mentor Search screen:

    Mentor Filters = Current Mentors and Archived Mentors
    Program(s) = M2T Group Mentoring, M2T One-on-one Mentoring
    Historical Status = Waiting, Active, Matched
    Status As Of Date = 10/1/2019 to current date (use the Date filter button image to select your date range: 10/1/2019 to current date)

  2. After filling in the criteria specified above, select the Run Search footer button.
    Navigate to the Volunteer Record Results tab.

  3. Click the contact name hyperlink to navigate to each volunteer record and add the Statement of Suitability dates.

    If a mentor has more than one result in the Volunteer Record Results tab, each related Volunteer record must be updated with the required Statement of Suitability date.

  4. Click into each case record to add the required date.

    Use the Grid View image and/or Previous and Next image footer buttons to navigate between the individual case records to update each required date.