Understanding Database Roles

Understanding Database Roles

This database system is based on modules. There are 3 modules currently available—Contact Management, Mentoring, and Fundraising. The Contact Management module contains the up-to-date contact and demographic information about all of the people and organizations that have been entered into the database, regardless of which module you used to create or modify that information.

In the right hand column, you can see a field called Database Roles.

Everyone and every organization in the database are considered a Contact. In addition, Individuals can be Mentors, Mentees, or Guardians (if you have the Mentoring Module) and/or Donors (if you have the Fundraising Module). The Database Roles box lets you know which additional roles that contact has in your organization. You can click on the link to view the information contained about that person in a different module.

You can also Add a database role for a contact, bringing that contact into another module as well. For example, if you would like to create a record for this contact in your Fundraising Module, you could:

1.In the Database Roles Box, click Add.

2.Select the Database Role of Donor

3.Click Add.

4.You will now see Donor listed as a Database Role.

5.This Contact is now in the Mentoring Module as a Mentor AND in the Fundraising Module (Donor—Individual) as a Donor.

6.Click on the Donor link to go to the Fundraising Module and enter additional donation-related information about this contact.

Please note: You can also add contacts to the Fundraising Module by going to Donor–Individual, clicking on the New Donor button, and selecting the existing Contact from the drop down list.