Can I track social security numbers in IMS?

How IMS Works with You to Protect Your Mentors

At Innovative Mentoring Software we, along with our integration partners, take security very seriously, including protecting your mentors from identity theft. In this article, you will learn more about our policies related to Social Security Numbers (SSNs).

Social Security Numbers and Your Online Forms

Mentors and volunteers who are familiar with best practices for protecting their identity would not provide their SSN to most organizations through on an online form.

Background Check Recommendations
We want to make your background check process as seamless as possible. There are two options for you to complete your background checks:

Sterling Volunteers
We are partnered with Sterling Volunteers to provide a seamless & secure way for your organization to do background checks.

They provide the most comprehensive and accurate background checks available and include the Department of Justice Sex Offender Search—the only up-to-date, comprehensive source of sex offender information.

Once the information from your online form is in your database, the database automatically provides the contact information of the volunteer to Sterling Volunteers. From there, Sterling Volunteers initiates the process with the volunteer and reports the information automatically back to your database. To learn more about the integration, watch this video: or request our Sterling Volunteers fact sheet.

Utilizing Your Own Provider
Collect all of necessary information in your online form, including signatures of consent. Accept the new mentor or volunteer into your database. When reaching out to them to initiate the background check process, ask for their SSN and let them know that you will only be entering it on their background check application and not storing it anywhere else. We recommend working with a background check vendor that manages SSNs for you and requests that information directly from mentors.