How do I include a participant's name in their survey so the survey taker knows who they are completing the form for?

When other parties may be completing a survey about (or on behalf of) a participant (for example, for a reference check or an evaluation), it can be helpful to include the participant’s name in the survey itself. You can use the following datafield to autopopulate the participant’s full name: [url(“name”)]


Before sending your survey, we recommend you validate your datafield works as expected by adding a test example to a contact in your database by saving the survey invitation without emailing it. You can delete your example when you are finished.

Here’s how you can test your survey:

  1. Create your individual survey invite for a participant without sending an email invitation and click on Take Survey to review the live survey example.
    Note: Be sure to click Save (step 10) rather than Save & Send Email (step 9).
  2. Delete your survey invite