I received a bounceback email when sending a survey or email from the database. What do I do?

When receiving a bounceback email, it’s important to check your IMS Dashboard’s Email Notifications tab to identify and resolve cause of the error.

Each bounced email is listed as its own row, with the contact’s ID and name, the email address that bounced, and any error details provided by the bounceback message.

Depending on the error, the resolution could vary. Until the error is addressed, you will be unable to email the recipient from the database.

In certain cases, resolution may require your IT support’s involvement, such as a DMARC policy error or rate controlling. In others, the solution may be as simple as correcting a typo in the email address. If you need assistance with resolving an error, please open a ticket to our support team so we can assist.

Additionally, once the error is addressed, in order to resume sending emails to the email address in question, you must resolve the error flag on the Dashboard using the following steps:

  1. Highlight the error message.
  2. Click the Clear Invalid Flag footer button.
  3. ONLY select Yes to clear the invalid flag if have resolved the issue that caused the bounceback and are sure the email address is valid.