Online Form Customization

We frequently receive change requests for online forms, and we are happy to update your forms based on your needs! These are the online form customization guidelines that our team is required to follow in order to be fair to all of our clients.

As a reminder: If you have our Premium package, you can request two minor sets of changes per year. If you have our Enterprise package, you can request four minor sets of changes per year. (After you have used your free requests, you can ask for additional changes at any time, and we will provide you with a quote.)

After you submit your change requests, they go through a technical review. During the technical review, we will assess if they are minor changes that are free, or if they are more extensive changes that require a support fee.

Examples of minor changes include simple field name changes, adding a question or two, modifying a few responses. These are normal changes that we would expect on an annual basis.

Examples of changes that would require a support fee include numerous changes to field names or values, updating logic on questions that requires extensive remapping into the database, or adding many new questions.

Your changes are considered minor if they will take a member of our expert team an hour or less to complete. If your request is more extensive than what could reasonably be done in a hour, we will provide you with a quote. If we believe the changes can be made to your existing form, the quote will be for $240. If we determine that the changes are so extensive that they are essentially a new form, the quote will be for $500.

We know that your needs grow and change as your program does. We are happy to accommodate those changes! If you are ready to request changes to your online form, please reach out to [email protected]. One of our skilled team members will reach out to you with next steps.