Opening an additional Case or Volunteer record for your Mentor/Mentee

In order for your Mentor or Mentee to be involved in another match, you must create more than one volunteer/case record.

  1. Go to the mentor or mentee’s record in the database
  2. Under Volunteer Records or Case Records tab click Add New.
  3. Select the appropriate program, status (select Registering if you have required process steps), and status date. Be sure that the status date is accurate to when the mentor was ready to be matched with this mentee.

  1. Say “Yes” when it asks you to “Copy the Process Steps”

  1. Double click on the new Volunteer or Case Record

  1. You will then need to click the “Change Status” button to get this mentor, or mentee, to a “Waiting” status again.

  1. On the new volunteer or case record, click on the Make A Match button (available as long as the mentor or mentee is set to the status of Waiting) and select the appropriate mentor or mentee. Finish the process by selecting a match date and saving it.
  2. If the mentor or mentee has any other matches, start a new volunteer or case record for each match.