What is the difference between deleting and archiving a database record?

Innovative Mentoring recommends using the Delete option (available from the upper right Action menu) with extreme caution. The Delete option should ONLY be used in the case of a duplicate record or a data entry error that cannot be resolved by simply updating the database record (this applies to all record types: Mentee, Mentor, Client, Volunteer, and Guardian). Selecting the Delete option permanently deletes the record from the database. Any attempts required to retrieve deleted records from a backup (if a backup containing the deleted record exists) will incur cost.

Instead, Innovative Mentoring recommends using the Archive option (available in the upper right corner of the database) when a participant or a match discontinues participation in your program and you no longer need to view the participant or match from a Lookup. Using the Archive option will preserve the historical integrity of your database and ensure your reports include historical involvement.

The Delete and Archive options are available from the Action menu in the upper right corner of the database as shown below:


Note: Archived records are still accessible in the database and can be reactivated. Archived records are also included in your database reports when they meet the criteria specified within the report parameters.

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For additional information, please see our training video: Archiving and Reactivating a Mentor or Mentee