How do I change the Waiting date (or any other status date) for a mentee or mentor?

Status dates are assigned to Case Records for Mentees and Volunteer Records for Mentors. They are important because they determine how the person is categorized in historical reporting. Even after your mentees and mentors are inactive in your program and all their records are completed or inactivated, their status history still impacts historical reports such as Match Statistics. It is important that you use accurate information for this data.

If you inadvertently entered the wrong Waiting date (or other status date) or you didn’t know the date at the time you created the record, you can change it any time.

To change any status date:

  1. Go to the Mentee or Mentor screen.

  2. If the person you are viewing has more than one case record or volunteer record, double-click the one you want to update (be careful not to double-click on underlined text as that will take you to a different record).

  3. Click the image button at the end of the Status field.

  4. On the Status History window that pops up, double-click the Date to edit it as shown here:

  5. Update the date and click the Close button.

Note that you cannot change the dates so that they are out of order, you may need to change a previous status date first before you can change a later date to a previous date.

For additional information, please see our training video: Getting a Mentor or Mentee to a Waiting Status