I have a group of people who I search for all the time. How do I create a Quick Search?

Quick Searches are a powerful way to generate a list you commonly need at the click of a button. You can create a Quick Search from any of the Search folders.

As an example, we’ll show you how to create a Quick Search from the Mentoring module.

  1. Find the Search folder. Choose Mentee Search or Mentor Search.
  2. In the Profile section, select the criteria for your search (if applicable).
  3. Under the Case Records or Volunteer Records tab on the bottom of the page, set your Program to the correct program.
  4. Click the Run Search button.
  5. Now click the Save Search button.
  6. You’ll be asked to name your search. Example: “Matched Mentors.”
  7. Set your Sharing to Private if it’s only for you to see or Public if your whole organization uses the search.
  8. Under Add to Quick Search Choose Yes.
  9. Then click Save. You should then see the quick search added to your navigation bar. (You may need to refresh the navigation bar if you don’t see it)

Tip: If you need to output a list that spans roles (for example, all of your active mentors, mentees, and guardians), you can create a Quick Search from your Contact Management module:

For additional information, please see our training video: Saving and Deleting Searches