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Welcome to the Innovative Mentoring Q&A website! 1 March 30, 2015
I see the name of my survey in the drop-down on the survey screen, but I can't send it from the database 1 April 5, 2019
What is a response group? 1 March 29, 2019
How can I match mentees with their mentors in my group mentoring program? 1 March 19, 2019
How often is my data backed up? 1 March 7, 2019
Editing text in forms and surveys 1 February 14, 2019
Editing your online form confirmation emails 1 February 14, 2019
How do I search for a group of individuals then send to Survey reports? 2 November 26, 2018
How do I filter the survey comparison to only show individuals who completed both surveys? 1 November 26, 2018
My background check order is stuck in a Pending status. How can I fix it? 1 November 12, 2018
When background checks expire, can they be auto renewed by the database? 1 October 25, 2018
Converting Existing MYL Participants & Matches to TEG Participants & Matches 1 October 15, 2018
How do I change the registration process steps? 1 April 29, 2015
Can you delete quick searches? 1 October 15, 2015
I have a group of people who I search for all the time. How do I create a Quick Search? 1 October 15, 2015
How do I modify a Quick Search or Saved Search? 1 February 16, 2018
Is there a spot in the database that we can record our mentees’ GPA information? 1 October 14, 2015
Can I enter outcome data directly from my mentee’s outcome tab? 1 October 14, 2015
Is there any way to export a mentee’s GPA so I can email the data we have on file? 1 October 14, 2015
Where should I go to enter all of our current mentees’ GPA for this quarter? 1 October 14, 2015
How do I add a Primary Guardian for my mentee? 1 November 8, 2016
How can I prepare a year-end receipt letter? 1 November 20, 2015
How do I create an email signature? 1 April 6, 2016
Sending Individual Mentor Portal Invites 1 September 27, 2016
Is there a way for mentors to sign-in electronically? 1 October 15, 2015
Sending Mentor Portal invites to a group of mentors all at once 1 September 27, 2016
How do I see the Mentor Portal as my mentors do? 1 March 12, 2018
How do I add a new mentor or mentee record? 1 October 12, 2016
How do I update a process step date for a group of contacts? 1 May 25, 2018
How do I change the Waiting date (or any other status date) for a mentee or mentor? 1 April 21, 2015